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Northumbria University: MassSpectrometer - high spec

  Northumbria University has published this notice through Delta eSourcing

Notice Summary
Title: MassSpectrometer - high spec
Notice type: Prior Information Notice
Authority: Northumbria University
Nature of contract: Supplies
Procedure: Not applicable
Short Description:
Published: 08/10/2019 14:32

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UK-Newcastle upon Tyne: Mass spectrometer.

Preliminary Questions
   This notice is for prior information only: Yes
   This notice aims at reducing time-limits for receipt of tenders: No
   This notice is a call for competition: No
Section I: Contracting Authority

I.1) Name and addresses:
       University of Northumbria at Newcastle
       Sutherland Building, College Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, United Kingdom
       Tel. +44 7429334777, Email:
       Contact: Angelique Borsboom
       Main Address:
       NUTS Code: UKC2
      Specifications and additional documents: As Above
I.2) Joint procurement:
   The contract involves joint procurement: No.
   The contract is awarded by a central purchasing body: No .

I.3) Communication          
   Further information can be obtained from: the above mentioned address

I.4) Type of the contracting authority    
   Body governed by public law
I.5) Main activity:    

Section II: Object
II.1) Scope of the procurement - 1
   II.1.1) Title: MassSpectrometer - high spec    
          Reference number: T19/0007
   II.1.2) Common Procurement Vocabulary:       
      38433100 - Mass spectrometer.
   II.1.3) Type of contract: SUPPLIES
   II.1.4) Short description:    
      Northumbria University requires a Mass Spectrometer for the purpose of a new research project.          
   II.1.5) Estimated total value:       
      Value excluding VAT (give figures only) : 750,000 - GBP
   II.1.6) Information about lots:
      This contract is divided into lots: No          
      Maximum number of lots that may be awarded to one tenderer: Not Provided       
      The contracting authority reserves the right to award contracts combining the following lots or groups of lots: Not Provided

II.2) Lot Description    
   II.2.3) Place of performance:       
      Region Codes:               
         UKC2 - Northumberland and Tyne and Wear    
   II.2.4) Description of the procurement:       
      The Mass Spectrometer must consist of three mass analyzers, the first built on quadrupole technology, the second built on linear ion trap technology, the third on Orbitrap technology.
It must be capable of performing one full cycle in <1.1 sec and be able to obtain >500,000 resolution at m/z 200 in full scan mode.
It must be capable of performing CID and HCD at any MSn stage with fragment ion detection in either Ion trap or Orbitrap and have a mass accuracy to < 3 ppm RMS, with external calibration over 24h and without any kind of mass recalibration and < 1 ppm RMS, with internal calibration.
It must have an Advanced Active Beam Guide or equivalent that prevents neutrals and unwanted ions entering the quadrupole and an ion transfer tube that must be removable without breaking vacuum.
It must be provided with an associated high performance liquid chromatography system and come with 3 year warranty.    
   II.2.14) Additional information       
      Not Provided

II.3) Estimated Date of publication
Section IV: Procedure   

IV.1) Description       
   IV.1.8) Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA )
         The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) - NO

Section VI: Complementary Information    
VI.3) Additional Information:       
   To view this notice, please click here:
GO-2019108-PRO-15439552 TKR-2019108-PRO-15439551        

VI.5) Date Of Dispatch Of This Notice: 08/10/2019

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