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University of Leeds: PE2023-24/2479: Net Zero Strategic Delivery Partner - Construction - Market Engagement

  University of Leeds is using Delta eSourcing to run this tender exercise

Opportunity Information
Title: PE2023-24/2479: Net Zero Strategic Delivery Partner - Construction - Market Engagement
Type: SQ
Authority: University of Leeds
Opening Date: 02/08/2023 10:47
Closing Date: 30/08/2023 17:00
Description: 1. The University of Leeds, is seeking to invite suitable Suppliers to participate in this supplier market engagement process. 2. “You”/ “Your” or “Supplier” means the body completing these questions i.e. the legal entity seeking to be invited to the market engagement process and responsible for the information provided. The ‘Supplier’ is intended to cover any economic operator as defined by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and could be a registered company; charitable organisation; Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE); Special Purpose Vehicle; or other form of entity. 3. This Supplier Market Engagement Questionnaire has been designed to capture the details of a Supplier interested in taking part in the supplier engagement exercise. 4. Please ensure that all questions are completed in full, and in the format requested. 5. All completed questionnaires must be returned via the Delta portal by 12.00 noon 25th August 2023. Please note; Participation or non-participation in the market engagement exercise will in no way impact the outcome of any future formal procurement process.
Please note that the deadline for response to this opportunity has passed. However, you can still register or log-into the Delta eSourcing solution to prepare your Supplier Profile for future opportunities.

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